Making 'Vampiric Antoinette' Shoes.

Not so long ago, I was asked by a rather beautiful lady to make some shoes that were inspired by Marie Antoinette & Vampire imagery. The sound of the concept alone made me giddy so I was of course more than happy to create something and set about drafting things in my sketch book that could work as a design. 

To start with I created an ombre style base layer fading from black to purple and then added plenty of trim. Since toe fans seem to be favourite of mine presently, and the Antoinette theme, I simply had to add one to the toe of this pair.

For the adornments, I added plenty of different shades of red rhinestone and some jet ones too, and for the finishing touches there is a black rose on the toe with a set of fangs!

As for the story to go along with this pair, I wrote a tale about Marie Antoinette's secret twin sister, kept away from the history books because of a dark secret. I was particularly pleased with my imagination for that one!
Here's a look at the finished article, I hope you like them!
Much love
Frankie xx