'The Queen of Hearts' Demi Boots

One of the best things about my custom order shoes, is that I get to go nuts on creating really cool 'themed' items for my clients. So far this year has been a fairy tale inspired extravaganza & I couldn't be more thrilled!

A little while ago, a wonderful friend contacted me to create some shoes for her to go with an outfit she had custom made by the amazing Kiku Boutique (their work is amazing and I am a regular corset customer of theirs too)
The colour scheme was black, red and cream and the style of shoe was a demi-boot, but other than that, I had free rein to go wild with my creation.
Here's a little look at the initial design sketch.

A couple of tweaks to the original design sketch were made but the overall composition remained the same and so I was able to get cracking quite swiftly.

In terms of the fabrication, this design actually took a great deal of time to get the base layers right. The base formed the main bulk of the work as it completely shaped the overall look. I hand painted most of the base elements and so there were several stages of 'drying time' in between each layer before I could get totally stuck into the creation of this piece.

When I set about creating pieces, I like to block out large chunks of time to 'get in the zone' so to speak. I love doing this during the evenings where I can be left totally undisturbed for hours on end.
When I eventually got beyond the base layers of this pair, I got really into it and would say that this was one of the most creatively rewarding creations for me this year so far.

Here's the finished article. I hope you like them!
Much love
Frankie xx