Making 'Cinderella' Inspired Shoes

It will come as no surprise at all that I absolutely adore the story of Cinderella. I mean, come on...a fairy tale involving shoes! It's totally and utterly what I am all about!
Needless to say, I was INCREDIBLY excited to find that Disney were releasing a 'live action' version of the story and I clapped my hands together when I watched the trailer.

Following the news of the film, I decided to create a Cinderella inspired set of shoes. Pretty much every shoe designer in the land has had a go at this theme so I am certainly not paving the path for future shoe makers in any way, shape or form. But, I do consider it almost a 'right of passage' for any shoe maker to have a go at making Cinderella shoes.

For this pair, I decided to try an 'embossing technique' on the uppers to create a sort of 3-D filigree effect. This was pretty time consuming as I had to let each quarter cure for a few hours before I could even think about sealing them and then starting the adornments, but it was totally worth it.
Next I created some miniature wings for the vamp and the back using the same methods as I used when I made the wings on the Tinkerbell shoes.
For the adornments, I obviously had to use an abundance of rhinestones and lace but I also added some small butterfly appliques for added detail.

Here's the completed pair;