Making 'Maleficent' Shoes

As a designer, I am continuously in search of new ways to make my work better and for the quality of my work to improve. In all honesty, my ultimate goal is to be the finest shoe maker I can possibly be...I want to be the best!

Last year, around the time of the release of the 'live action' Maleficent film, I had a private commission from a customer who wanted Maleficent inspired heels. Naturally I was very excited to make them and did this to the best of my abilities (and customer's specifications) at the time. Now I am not trying to put down my own work here, but as with every artist, my work has evolved a lot over the last 12 months and I believe my skills have come on in leaps and bounds since I completed that customer's order. So, I wanted to test myself a little and see if I could re-create a pair of Maleficent heels and do it a million times better.
Here is the result;

Overall, I think this pair came out brilliantly. I am so pleased to see my own progress and reflect on just how far I have come along as a designer over the last 12 months. I used completely different curing techniques for the uppers than any of my 2014 work and was able to give this pair a much more sculpted finish.

However, just as I did last year, I am in search of self improvement again for 2015 only this time I have upped the anti in more ways than I have ever done before.
I am currently on a very exciting Shoe Smith journey and I hope to put a little progress diary together to share on here soon.

For now though, see you next week for another installment of my latest creations.

Much love
Frankie xx