Making 'Snow White' Shoes

It's absolutely no secret that I adore fairy tales. They form the main inspiration for my work and I pretty much live my life dreaming of fairy tales & wishing upon the stars.
Snow White is a classic fairy tale and an old time Disney favourite, so when I was asked to create a pair of heels inspired by this tale, it was extremely exciting for me. Here's a little look into how I went about it.

The customer had very clear reference ideas for this pair so it was really rather simple to come up with a composition for this pair. Here's the initial design sketch.

After a few minor tweaks to the design sketch at the request of the client, I set about making this pair. I wanted them to have a lot of depth in the colours so I decided to use a metallic finish on the colours I selected, which turned out wonderfully!
I made the apple for the toe out of a polystyrene base, coated in resin and painted on top. It worked really wel because it was sturdy enough to be properly mounted onto the shoes securely but was light in weight so didn't alter the weight distribution of the overall heel.

I am really happy with how this pair turned out and the customer was thrilled too which is the most important part!
Here's a look at the finished item...

See you next week!,
Much love, Frankie xx