Making Tinkerbell Shoes

So far, this year has been really exciting for me in the way of shoe orders. I have had some fantastic private commission enquiries and been truly inspired by the people I am blessed to work with. 
A few weeks ago, I was approached by an amazing customer who loves all things Disney (who doesn't) and wondered if I might make some Tinkerbell shoes for them. This was really exciting not only because of the general theme...but because I got to try something on my 'crafty wishlist'.  
My 'crafty wishlist' is basically a run down of all the projects I would like to try and create at some point. It's more of a list of items/techniques than themes as such, and one such item I put to use on this shoe project was 'making a pair of wings'!

Here's a little look at the initial design sketch I put together for the client.

Once the sketch had been approved (and a couple of tweaks added to the overall composition), I then set about creating the piece.
Without a doubt, the most time consuming part of any shoe creation is creating the base. If the base isn't right then it can throw the whole thing off, but the only problem is that it's also the most boring part of the creating process. I am impatient to start on the pretty stuff and the shoes always look a heck of a lot worse before they start to come to life.
Needless to say, once I got to the stage of adorning the pair in all their finery, the shoes really did start to come to life before my very eyes.
I LOVED creating this piece and I am looking forward to seeing my wonderful client strut around in this pair like a real fairy.
Hope you like the finished product!