Making Elsa Shoes

As soon as the new year hit, one of the things I wanted to set out and do this year was to try new shoe making techniques and make time to try and play around a little with composition. So that's exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago.

I am no exception when it comes to Disney's 'Frozen' frenzy! I enjoyed the film and yep...the songs absolutely got stuck in my head for weeks one end. I think a lot of people fancy themselves as the beautiful Elsa and so an idea hit me...why not try to make Queen Elsa's shoes?!
I wanted them to look 'icy' and textured so this was a perfect opportunity to have a go with some new techniques. 

When it came to the construction of this pair, I initially started out with an ice blue satin base which was gorgeous, But then began the 'icy' experiment. It definitely got a lot uglier before it got better but with a little perseverance I am rather pleased with how they turned out!
I am thrilled at the online reaction they have received so far and who knows, perhaps Queen Elsa will give me a call and ask me to make her some shoes! I kinda fancy a trip to Arendelle.