Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!!

With the first week of the new year now tucked under our belts, I thought I would put up my first blog post of 2014 by reviewing the last 12 months and sharing a few plans for the year ahead.

2014 was a year of polishing, condensing and refining what I do. I stripped out a lot of clutter from my life in order to give myself room for the things I am most passionate! :D :D :D
Overall it was a great learning curve for me. Not a lot appeared to change to the outside world, but internally and behind the scenes I learnt an incredible amount of things last year. I experimented more than ever with my shoe design work and reached a personal best for the number of bespoke orders I received.
Not only that but I also had the joy of working with some incredible photographers in 2014 on many creative projects. I had a blast, got inspired and gained many new muses. Here are a couple of highlights from last year...

First a little look at some shoe highlights...

Now a look at a couple of my favourite images of last year.
The first one is by the amazing Iberian Black Arts whose work I had admired for ages and ages before I got the chance to work with them. This one was a particular hightlight for me because it also got shared by 'Dark Beauty Magazine' which was bloody AMAZING! The second image is by one of my biggest creative muses, Magic Owen. As many of you know, I am a keen corset wearer and love to waist train. This stunning corset is by Kiku Boutique (one of my favourite corsetiers ever) and this particular image is probably up there as being one of my favourites of myself ever...thanks Magic!

So what do I plan on doing in 2015?
Well, for starters I am going to be pushing myself more than ever with my shoe design work...and by that I mean I will be re-training in new skills, taking on some huge design projects and refining my business strategy so that it is dominated mostly by shoes. How exciting!
I will be trying to beat the number of custom orders I received yet again as well as offering probably twice as many 'made-to-order' designs for clients to purchase too.
To basically summariise...I shall be attempting to become the real living version of a shoe-making elf!

On a personal note, I shall also be working with more amazing photographers on creative projects as well as working with some incredible designers. I can't wait.

Before I go, I just want to take a moment to say a huuuuge thank you to all my wonderful customers and followers from the last 12 months. You are so very dear to me and I hope you continue to follow me into the fairytale land of shoes and I get better and better as an artist.
Have an awesome 2015 everyone!
Much Love
Frankie xxx