Making 'Belle's Beast' Shoes.

A little while ago, I wanted to create a pair of shoes that could be personified. Something that could take up the guise as a person's pet, but I didn't want them to be all cutesy and sickly sweet. Luckily for me, I have some amazing muses to work with and one such lady is the UK model Belle UK.
Her inspirations are akin to my own and we came up with a great idea for some shoes that would be fitting of her persona...Belle's Beast!

The shoes are inspired by such things as dragons, underworld creatures and Pan's Labyrinth and I am really happy with the end result. Here's a little insight into their creation from concept to completion.

First of all, Belle put together a series of mood boards for me to work from and once I had a sufficient idea of the overall imagery, I put together a design sketch.

Once we both agreed on the design, I set about creating the piece. 
I started the base by making a platform using a sense black velvet and the uppers in a faux fur with grey and taupe undertones in it. The trim was a mix of black braiding and lace and I also added a varied mix of spikes on the arch when upholstering the shoes.
The next part was creating some of the adornments and accents. I started with the eyes and ears. The ears have several layers in them to add shape so they are surprisingly time consuming to create. The eyes are dolls eyes that I have then added eyelids to and sealed onto the shoe...I wanted them to look like they were peering.
Horns came next which is a very time consuming practice. They have a wire base construction and are then built up. I used a similar technique to when I created the tentacles on the Octo-Shoes as I felt this would be the most sturdy option. I also used several different bonds when affixing them to the shoes...just to be extra sure they would hold. 

Finally came the good stuff...decorating them! I used a mix of purples, magentas, gun metals and petrol in the rhinestone mix to add lots of depth and texture. I also did a free hand filigree design around the eyes to draw attention to them even more.

Overall I am really pleased with how these came out and I hope Belle gets plenty of wear out of them on upcoming shoots.
Hope you like them too!
See you next week, love Frankie xx